IDEM Safety Switches was created in 2003 by Medi Motsaham, the former Head of Research and Development at EJA/Guardmaster. Over 18 years as Technical Director of EJA/Guardmaster, and later Rockwell Automation, he designed and developed the popular Guardmaster Brand Products that included Trojan, Titan, Cadet, Rotacam, Ferrogard, Spartan, Lifeline, Minotaur, etc.

Now IDEM’s team, currently with over 200 years’ experience between them, have set a new industry standard by offering the“Next Generation” of Machine Safety Interlocks and Devices with higher reliability, increased features and up to date durability to cope with the ever-increasing environmental demands placed on Machine Safety Devices.



Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information within substations, industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Using EIG power meters, you are able to monitor energy usage, record power quality and log revenue grade energy data throughout a distribution system. EIG’s WiFi-based submeters also provide superior submetering to capture energy and power metering data for energy cost, power costing and tenant billing.

Kimray, Inc. is headquartered in Oklahoma City, but our impact spans the globe. Kimray products and representatives can be found from China to Venezuela, and from Khazakstan to Australia. With the most extensive line of control equipment for the upstream oil and gas industry, Kimray has the knowledge, experience and products needed to thrive in the rugged environment of oil and gas production.

With more than $240,000,000 in yearly sales, Kimray is devoted to providing the best product for our customers. Each valve is cast from American metals, many with a ball and cone seat turned as a pair so that they fit perfectly together. The unit is then assembled by hand, with each one being operationally tested before it leaves the plant. That consistency and attention to detail since 1948 has resulted in products that our customers trust in the field to be reliable.




Authorized agents for Detcon gas and fire detection systems.

Detcon designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial grade gas detection sensors and electronic control systems. Detcon was established in 1983 and began commercial activity with its first products in early 1985. The company has continued to grow in product base and market share. Application experience includes virtually every conceivable type of industrial facility. Detcon’s wide range of sensor technology and electronic product designs establishes a competitive advantage in providing practical and affordable gas detection solutions in even the most difficult and challenging industrial environments.